Icelandic stallions

All our stallions are from proven old breeding lines which give consistent good quality of offspring with well separated gaits, strong physique and very sweet character.
We have  offspring of all stallions in our herd and they and their mothers can be viewed. Some are also for sale.
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We currently have 1 stallion available for pasture breeding to purebred Icleandic mares only.
Skjór frá Bollastöðum


Icelandic Horses in Colorado
under constant veterinary supervision!
We are taking in horses of all ages for livery for a reasonable fee.
The fee includes pasture board, routine hoof care if needed, and worming. Horses will be integrated into our big herd after a reasonable quarantine.

Raising Youngsters
We will take in young horses from 6 months of age for raising properly in a large herd of Icelandics of all ages so that they learn good social behaviour and develop to their full potential physically and mentally .
Fee includes routine hoof care if needed, and  worming.
R & R
Many Icelandic Horse owners  keep their horses in paddocks or a boarding facility with limited pasture use.  
Others have an Icelandic who suffers from sweet itch and want to afford him or her a sweet-itch free summer. Sweet itch does not occur here.
If you would like to send your horse off on a holiday (minimum 3 months), Lough Arrow Icelandics will be the place to roam large pastures, frolic in the river, and have many pasture buddies to play with. Fee includes pasture board, routine hoof care if needed, and worming. 

Find our boarding fees here .
Lough Arrow Icelandics in Colorado



ANDREA BRODIE, DVM is available for lectures (Husbandry, Breeding Lines,  Use of Worldfengur, Colors of the Icelandic Horse, Gait distribution, Veterinary Medical Topics on demand).
Icelandic Horses in Colorado